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11 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Plumber in Las Vegas

Did you know the average cost of a plumber is $175 to $450 for a single job? For bigger remodeling tasks, you can expect to pay even more. But just how do you check you are getting value for money?

That starts with a proper vetting process. Read on as we discuss eleven must-ask questions when hiring a plumber. 

1. Are You Insured?

Even the most professional and experienced plumbers have accidents. If they don’t have insurance, you could be left paying for any damages. Plumbers in Las Vegas should have insurance as part of their legal operations, but check to make sure so you are not liable for any accidents that occur. 

2. Do You Have a License?

A license is another legal requirement for a plumbing service. This occurs in most states and is a way for the local authority to check the quality and credentials of workers in the area. While hiring a licensed plumber is not essential and may save money, you are putting yourself at huge risk if you do not. 

For example, if their work does not pass home inspections or safety audits, then you are responsible, as you hired them. You may also be liable for any damages or injuries they cause while working. 

3. What Training and Certifications Do They Have?

There are many excellent plumbers who only have a high school certificate and a state license. However, some choose to consolidate their credentials with qualifications and training. 

There are a number of third-party training courses. The National Inspection and Testing Certification website offers a number of courses. Choosing companies with these credentials shows that they are committed to education and are up to date on current changes and legislation.

4. What Is the Service Fee?

Before booking in for an estimate, you need to check if the company charges a service fee. This is a cost that you must pay for a company to come and look at the job, even if you do not take them up on their estimate. It is usually non-negotiable, so check how much it is or you may end up with a large unexpected fee.

5. What Will It Cost?

Before entering into any agreements, you need to know the final cost. If not, you could find labor and parts spiraling beyond your budget. Some unscrupulous plumbers could even do this to earn extra income from you. 

Start by shopping around, and getting a few estimates from different plumbers. If you go for the cheapest, you may end up with the worst job. This could cost you more later down the line, as you attempt to fix the problems. 

Instead, go for offers that have a mix of quality and affordability. Cross-reference this with reviews and ratings of the service to find the best deal. 

6. Get a Contract

A contract is essential to safeguard both you and the plumber from misunderstanding. It will spell out clearly what is expected from both parties, such as the work that will be done, any costs incurred, and how payment will be made. 

7. How Is Payment Made?

Most plumbers will want most of the payment upon completion of the job. They may ask for a partial downpayment in advance. However, for larger jobs, they may want costs for materials and big expenses upfront. 

By asking the requirements in advance, you can clear up any misunderstandings. If you need work done but do not have the money immediately, some plumbers may be willing to set up payment plans. You should also ask what payment methods they take, though for many, credit cards, wire transfers, and cash are all acceptable. 

8. Record Labor

You may get off on the wrong foot with your plumber if you watch everything they do. However, quietly logging the time spent working and that of any people who work for them is a good idea. If the job runs over and unexpected expenses begin to occur, you have a record to show that time you spent money on has not been used effectively. 

9. What Are Their Response Times?

Even if you don’t currently have a job that needs a plumber, it always helps to have a trusted one ready to call. An unexpected leak can quickly destroy a property. The damage can also take a lot of removals, causing long-term properties to the home structure.

Do a search for ‘plumbers near me’ in Google and call some local ones. Ask what their response times are, and keep the numbers of the best three on hand in case of emergency. 

10. Are Your Contractors Licensed?

If you are getting larger remodeling jobs done, the plumbing company may hire contractors to do work. This means they won’t be working on the job, but someone else will. Just because they are licensed and insured, does not mean that the contractor will be. 

Check to see who will be doing the work. Make sure that if they are a contractor, they have the same credentials the plumber who hired them does. 

11. Do You Charge Travel Time?

Some companies may charge travel time to and from the job. This can add a lot of money to the quote, so you need to check if this is included. If it is, then you may benefit from getting a plumber who is local, so you are not paying for long-distance travel fees. 

Hiring a Plumber

In summary, make sure you ask questions before hiring a plumber. Get the job laid out, and written down in the contract including costs. Do your research, and you are sure to find a great plumber with excellent service. 

Your first stop for plumbers in Las Vegas should be 24/7 Heating, AC and Plumbing. Click here and contact one of our expert staff to discuss your needs. 

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