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Choosing the Best Plumber in Las Vegas

A pipe bursts in your kitchen and now your house is flooding! What do you do? Call the right person for the job, a plumber!

But how do you know which plumber to choose? Before you start asking for estimates, do some research to find the most qualified service professionals in your area. That clogged shower drain isn’t going to fix itself, so let’s go over some ways that will help you choose a plumber you can trust to get the job done.

Get Online and search for “Plumber Near Me”, or “Best Las Vegas Plumber”

This is by far your easiest and best way to research qualified plumbers in your local area (and the Las Vegas valley). Not only will a quick search on your smartphone or laptop provide you with a list of top plumbing service providers in Clark County, you’ll also see a map with office locations and have access to each individual company’s details.

Family & Friend Referrals

Still can’t decide on the best plumber for your home or office? Reach out to your trusted family members or best friends and see who they have used int eh past. Chances are one of them has a company they can refer you to (probably a specific tech too!). Now, this may not be the best option in the case of a plumbing emergency when you need help right away. So, depending on how immediate your plumbing service needs are it may be best to stick with your smartphone or computer search results.

Always Check Reviews!

Once you’ve got your list of companies you want to consider. Take a moment to go online and read the recent reviews for each plumbing company on your list. Reviews will give you a good idea of a plumber’s credibility, trustworthiness, and experience. Be extra careful with any business below three stars. Four stars and above is a good place to start when considering the right choice for a plumber near you.

You’ll especially want to pay attention to the reviews placed with in the last few months. Think of it like a weather report. You aren’t going to base your opinion on a family outing this upcoming weekend based what the weather looked like last year. Reviews left even in the past few weeks will let you know what type of experience you can expect to receive.

Things to consider

Once you start looking around and asking about plumbing companies you’ll notice there is a wide selection ranging from big name national brands to local mom and pop type shops. Larger organizations may be able retain enough staff to always have someone available, but is the tech who shows up qualified to handle the job you are requesting? Alternatively, the smaller independent companies usually service their calls with the licensed professional, but they also book up quickly and their schedule could not work for your immediate needs. It will be up to you to determine the detail and complexity of the job requirements and who you feel qualified to handle it from your research.

Things to Ask The Plumbing Company

  • Are you licensed and insured? Can you provide proof?
  • Do you have any references for the type of work we are discussing for my home or property?
  • How much experience do you have in Las Vegas?
  • How much will the service cost (estimate)?

Once you have these answers and have taken a little time to research your options, you should be able to narrow down your search to 1-2 main companies that will work for your immediate needs. Schedule the service and get back to enjoying your day.

If you need a professional opinion to help provide an estimate or are ready to start your plumbing project now, 24/7 Heating, AC & Plumbing is standing by to assist. Give us a call at (702) 247-2477, or contact us online.

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