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What You Should Know About Air Conditioning Repair Services

The number of HVAC systems sold by 2024 is expected to surpass 151 million. This comes as more individuals realize the unavoidable uses and reasons to invest in a functional HVAC for the comfort of their homes and businesses.

Most air conditioners are made to serve you for up to 15 years. But depending on the make and the model, frequency of use, and the climate, you may need air conditioning repair sooner. If you suspect that your HVAC might need repair, here is everything to know about the services.

Your Space Is Humid

The air conditioner is liable for heating and cooling by removing moisture and heat from the air. If there are excessive humidity levels, the system must work hard to regulate temperatures and optimize indoor comfort.

What happens if the unit lacks adequate cooling capacity? The equipment is unable to cope with the humidity. If your skin feels clammy or moist when in your room, your windows look foggy, or you notice a musty smell, these are a few signs of excess humidity in your space.

Humidity in the presence of an air conditioner means that something is not working properly. In some instances, the problems are pretty small such as incorrect recalibration. On the other hand, some issues demand significant repairs or a total replacement.

A credible AC maintenance provider will assess the equipment to identify the extent of the problem and fix it.

Inspect Your AC for Refrigerant Leak

The refrigerant plays a critical role in helping the AC with heat transfer. Without adequate refrigerant, the air conditioning system will not cool the air coming into your space adequately.

Among the easy-to-notice signs of refrigerant leaks is an unexpected rise in energy bills. Lack of sufficient refrigerant forces the AC to work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures. This causes a drastic rise in the cost of cooling.

Moreover, if you notice that the air coming from the vents is not cool or there is an increased humidity level in your space, consider checking the refrigerant levels. Similarly, if there is a reduced airflow in your space or hissing sounds coming from the outdoor unit, there are chances of a refrigerant leak.

Seek air conditioning repair service. Let the experts use their skills and tools to test the equipment, add refrigerant to the unit or pressurize it.

Does Your AC Have Drainage Issues?

For AC to cool your space, condensation takes place. Normally, the condensed air flows away from the unit, allowing it to operate efficiently.

Nonetheless, as the HVAC unit ages, it may not be capable of handling the high levels of the outdoor humidity. It may also experience moisture backup or clogging in the condensate drip pan. Such issues result in poor cooling and an increase in indoor humidity levels, which compromise the performance of the AC.

You can troubleshoot AC drainage problems by checking for water leaks and spills. When the drain line is blocked, the condensate pan fills with water which may overflow and start to leak. Failure to rectify the issue sooner results in floor and drywall damages and HVAC failure.

Mold growth in the drain line also indicates a drainage problem—schedule regular condensate drain cleaning to get rid of mold spores and improve air quality in your space.

Check the AC for Ice Buildup

If you notice ice buildup in the air conditioning unit, the chances are that the fan’s efficiency is compromised. In return, this hinders the proper functioning of the AC, causing it to freeze around coils.

The easiest way to rectify this issue is to turn the AC on. Leave it for some time in a fan setting and give the ice enough time to melt. Nonetheless, this is not a permanent solution. You should still contact an AC repair expert to service the equipment and prevent the problem from recurring.

If leaving the AC in the fan setting does not work, the ice-buildup could be resulting from a coolant problem. A trained HVAC professional will inspect and troubleshoot the specific cause.

Is Your AC Blowing Warm Air?

One of the obvious signs that you need HVAC repair services is if the unit blows warm air at little to no pressure. If this happens, it means that something is blocking the system’s cooling mechanism, and it would help if you let an expert look into it.

It is super frustrating when the AC cannot do what it is meant to do on hot days, even though it sounds like it is working. You check the thermostat and realize the temperatures are indeed above the set or ideal temp.

The most probable cause of this issue is a dirty or clogged filter, which not only affects the quality of air in your space but also compromises the overall HVAC efficiency.

Other causes of HVAC blowing warm air include leaky ducts, dirty condenser coils, and thermostat problems. Hire AC repair services and let the professionals inspect the air conditioner to identify the source and cause of the problem.

Check Thermostat Settings

Most homeowners don’t know this, but your AC thermostat settings can cause malfunctioning. Ideally, the difference between outdoor and indoor temperature settings should not exceed 20 degrees.

If you mistakenly go beyond the recommended settings, your space may feel warmer or more humid than usual. This will prompt you to think that your AC unit is broken.

Therefore, you should check the thermostat settings as soon as you notice that something is off with the temperature regulation before contacting a repair expert.

Contact Air Conditioning Repair Professional for Inspection and Timely Repairs

It takes skills, experience, and proper equipment to look into HVAC units and troubleshoot problems. If you notice any of the highlighted signs that you need air conditioning repair, contact a credible HVAC professional for a thorough inspection and quality repair services.

Search for ‘air conditioning repair near me’ and select the most experienced and reputable provider based on reviews and ratings.

We are trustworthy AC repair experts, and you can trust us for all your air conditioning installation and maintenance needs. Contact us today to book a service and let us do what we do best.

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