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Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

We believe in preventing problems before they happen. Regular HVAC & Plumbing maintenance is essential to the efficiency and long-term performance of your home or office systems. When you have 24/7 Heating, AC & Plumbing on your team, you can put your mind at ease – you’ll be enjoying comfort all year long.

Maintenance Benefits

With any mechanical equipment, AC, Heating & Plumbing systems require periodic maintenance. The average lifespan of these products ranges between 10-15 years depending on the system. Consistent regular maintenance will help ensure a long system life through those years by preventing mechanical failure through timely tune-ups or finding and correcting potential problems before they become disastrous and costly. Call 24/7 Heating, AC & Plumbing to schedule home or commercial maintenance service today for these benefits.

Improved system performance
Energy savings
Boosts system effectiveness
Preventative repair & maintenance
Cost savings
Extend system lifespan
Peace of mind
Service & Maintenance
We are pleased to offer a detailed annual HVAC maintenance plan as well as on-demand heating and air conditioning tune-up services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What HVAC equipment requires preventive maintenance?
How often should I as a homeowner check my air filter?
We suggest checking filters monthly. If you have a disposable type filter, (cardboard frame), just replace it. Don't try to clean it. Some higher efficiency filters can go up to three months before needing replacement, but in the desert with all the dust and high use, it's better to check more often.
Should I get my air ducts cleaned?
For a number of reasons, YES!

Health - Contaminants in your Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) system can aggravate asthma and allergies. Duct cleaning can help eliminate bacteria and fungus to improve the air quality in your home. Cleaning your air ducts can protect everyone in your home from breathing contaminated air.

Cleanliness - Less dust and dirt means a cleaner environment. Cleaning your air duct system can help maintain a cleaner home, requiring less dusting.

Cost Savings - Cleaning your air duct system helps your HVAC system run more efficiently, resulting in less run time and lower heating and cooling bills.