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What Are the Benefits of Getting Yearly HVAC Preventative Maintenance?

We dedicate about 6% of all electrical use in the US to the HVAC systems in our homes. Only 42% of homeowners call a professional HVAC provider to perform routine maintenance, though.

Units that receive annual HVAC preventive maintenance from professionals can last up to 40% longer than others. Expanding the lifespan of your unit could help you avoid expensive repairs in the future. You could even avoid buying a brand new unit sooner than expected.

On the fence about routine HVAC maintenance? Here are nine benefits to keep in mind.

After reading this guide, you can call your local HVAC company to give your unit the attention it needs. Read on to discover the benefits of regular HVAC maintenance today!

1. Avoid an Emergency

Imagine having your friends and family over for a party on the hottest day of the summer. Maybe you host the holidays every year. Either way, you’ll want to make sure your unit is working properly.

Routine HVAC preventative maintenance can help you avoid an emergency.

You can call your local HVAC company to arrive during the spring or fall months. Calling them before peak temperatures hit can help you avoid issues during holidays. Instead, you can make sure your HVAC unit is working as intended year-round.

Calling an HVAC technician to review your unit can help them catch minor issues before they develop further. They can make small, inexpensive repairs to ensure your unit’s efficiency.

Otherwise, you might have to pay for more extensive and expensive repairs. These repairs might take longer to complete, too. If you have guests over, you likely don’t want to have someone repairing your unit at the same time.

Instead, keep your unit running smoothly year-round. Talk to your local HVAC company. 

They can schedule your maintenance check every year.

If you wait until the last minute, however, it could take a while before someone can arrive.

2. Extend the Unit’s Lifespan

Routine HVAC preventative maintenance could push the life of your AC unit to over 15 years. Remember, your HVAC technician can catch minor issues before they develop further. Without maintenance, however, your unit will only push itself harder to work.

When it pushes itself harder, components can wear down faster. The entire unit might even break down.

You might have to spend a few thousand dollars to either repair the unit or buy a new one.

Instead, schedule your annual HVAC preventative maintenance to make sure there aren’t any issues with your unit. If there is a small problem, get it fixed right away. You can avoid wear and tear on the unit’s components.

Your entire unit could survive longer as a result. 

3. Cut Energy Costs

Have you noticed any fluctuations in your energy bill lately? Remember, about 6% of our entire electrical use is dedicated to our HVAC systems. If your unit isn’t functioning properly, however, it will push itself harder.

When it pushes itself harder to work, its energy efficiency plummets. Meanwhile, your energy bill will start to rise.

Talk to your HVAC maintenance technician about your unit’s energy use. They could help you make decisions to improve the unit’s energy efficiency.

They could save you money and stress in the long run as a result. 

4. Consider Comfort

Your family shouldn’t have to sweat it out during the summer or shiver throughout the winter months. Instead, schedule your routine maintenance checks. Routine maintenance will ensure your unit is working throughout the year.

You can keep your entire family happy and comfortable.

Scheduling maintenance checks can help you avoid unwanted stress, too. 

5. Avoid Allergies

When was the last time you checked your HVAC unit’s filter or vents?

Each time you open and shut your doors, allergens can get into your home. These allergens can include:

  • Cigarette smoke
  • Mold
  • Dust mites
  • Pollen
  • Pet dander

These allergens can get trapped against your unit’s HVAC filter. The allergens will spread through the air, triggering allergies.

If your family coughs, sneezes, and sniffles in your own home, talk to your local HVAC company. They can clean your unit and air ducts to minimize allergens.

With their help, you can keep your family happy, healthy, and allergy-free.

6. Remain Safe

Carbon dioxide can invade your home without you even realizing it. If you have an old furnace, make sure to schedule HVAC maintenance checks every year. Otherwise, this odorless, poisonous substance could spread throughout your home.

Hiring the best HVAC company around can ensure your family’s safety. You can avoid problems down the road and ensure the gas is venting and burning as intended. 

7. Meet Warranty Requirements

Some HVAC manufacturers require you to show proof that you scheduled annual maintenance checks for your unit. Otherwise, you could void the warranty. The manufacturer might not accept a claim as a result.

Make sure to read over the unit’s warranty if you’re considering an insurance claim.

Scheduling HVAC preventative maintenance can cover your bases. You can meet warranty requirements and ensure your unit is running properly. You could even avoid needing to file a claim in the first place. 

8. Protect the Environment

Regular maintenance checks could help the environment, too.

Remember, if the unit isn’t functioning properly, it will push itself, forcing it to consume more fuel than necessary. If you want to live green this year, have someone check your unit. They can help you reduce your environmental footprint.

You might want to consider switching to a newer, more environmentally-friendly unit, too.

9. Lasting Peace of Mind

Hiring the best HVAC company around to check your unit will give you peace of mind. You can sit back and relax without having to worry. Otherwise, it could break down at the worst possible moment.

Schedule your maintenance checks before that happens. 

Clear the Air: 9 Reasons for Annual HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Don’t let your HVAC unit break down. Instead, consider scheduling your annual HVAC preventative maintenance. With annual checks, you can ensure your unit is working properly year-round.

You could even avoid expensive repairs while prolonging the life of your unit. 

Need someone to check on your HVAC unit? We’re here to help.

Contact us to get started. 

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