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What Is Considered a Plumbing Emergency?

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of dripping water? It’s enough to cause nightmares, except now you can’t go back to sleep. You’re too nervous and not sure who to call. 

Plumbing issues are no fun at any time of the day. But not all plumbing concerns are considered urgent. However, when you have a legitimate plumbing emergency, Google “24/7 plumbers near me” to find help right away.

What is a plumbing emergency anyway? This article first defines it and then examines situations requiring a 24-hour plumbing service.

What Is a Plumbing Emergency?

A plumbing company defines an emergency as any failing water supply in or around your house that presents potential damage. If you’ve noticed a significantly higher water bill than usual, chances are, you have a problem with a water source. Your actual plumbing issue may be an emergency.

The flooding and damage caused by a water leak require restoration services. Hiring a licensed emergency plumber may prevent the need for that. A plumber that provides 24/7 service charges a premium, so their house call won’t be cheap.

Here are some situations that constitute plumbing emergencies.

No Running Water

Not having running water in your home is a huge safety concern. It prevents you from caring for some of your most basic needs. Without running faucet water, bathing, cooking, and cleaning become impossible.

When your home doesn’t have water, you can’t flush the toilet. This results in a build-up of hazardous waste. The consequences of this affect the health and well-being of everyone in the house.

A broken water heater could cut off running water in your home (you’ll read more about that later). No running water may also be from a plumbing problem affecting your entire house. 

Ruptured Pipes

This often becomes an issue during colder seasons when pipes freeze. But that’s not to say it can’t happen any time of the year. Increasing water pressure on your pipes has the same effect as frozen pipes. 

When a pipe bursts, you need a plumber as soon as possible. Water released from a burst pipe causes a lot of damage in a short time. Flooding occurs almost instantly and ruins your flooring, furniture, and walls. 

The potential for long-term effects like mold and mildew due to burst pipes causes major concern. So after turning off your central water supply, quickly start your search for the “best plumber near me” to ensure the flooding gets managed properly. 

Overflowing Toilet

Everyday products placed in the commode could eventually clog your sewer line. As a result, your toilet begins to overflow. This is common and can happen any time of day or night. 

An overflowing toilet should never get ignored. Most people use a plunger in their toilet for immediate relief. Unfortunately, it occurs again because the root of the problem wasn’t addressed.

Sewer system backup causes multiple clogged drains and an awful odor. No matter when this happens, contact a plumber. This emergency situation wreaks havoc on your home. 

Sump Pump Malfunction 

Never wonder if a broken sump pump warrants an emergency. Stop everything you’re doing and Google “24/7 plumbers near me” as soon as a broken sump pump is suspected.

A sump pump’s design keeps your home from flooding. Water not draining from your basement properly indicates a sump pump malfunction. A properly functioning sump pump detects rising water and prevents it from affecting other areas of your home.

If your sump pump runs continuously, makes loud noises, or doesn’t recycle regularly, it’s time for a replacement. A knowledgeable plumber would advise you on such.

Clogged Sink Drain

A clogged drain can happen in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere there’s a sink. Food, hair, paper towels, and anything else stuck in your drain presents a clog. 

You must act proactively to prevent an overflowing drain. Otherwise, a clogged drain eventually leads to a flood in several areas of your home. 

With so many products on the market, you may think you can fix a clogged drain yourself.

But before matters get worse, call your plumber for help. Be sure to let them know of any products you poured down your drain. Those products could pose a safety concern for your plumber.

Broken Water Heater

Have your water heater serviced regularly. Not doing so could bring on more serious issues than no hot water. Minor water heater problems start with a leak that progresses to failure if they’re not fixed. 

Call in a plumber to troubleshoot problems with your water heater. They can safely drain the water in hopes of returning adequate water supply. If that’s not possible, you’ll need to invest in a new water heater.

Leaky Pipes

That dripping sound you heard during the night might be a leaky pipe. Finding and stopping the leak could take a lot of effort. During that time, the leaky pipe evolves into bigger problems. 

Eventually, a leaky pipe starts to drip through your ceiling. Once that happens, you’ll begin noticing discoloration and sagging in your ceiling. If left untreated, the water could damage electrical lines and accumulate mold in affected areas.

The EPA found that leaky pipes account for 10,000 gallons of wasted water a year. Identifying the root cause of a leak may prove time-consuming. A leaky pipe warrants an emergency call to your local plumber.

Broken Water Line

Not all plumbing issues originate in the home. An underground broken water line causes flooding in your yard. This requires the skill of a plumber to identify and fix the problem.

Often, landscapers or anyone working in your yard might strike a pipe. Or it can be a natural effect of an overgrown tree root. Either way, it’s vital you consult a plumber when it happens.

Failing HVAC System

This one may come as a surprise. When people think about plumbing, their HVAC system probably doesn’t naturally come to mind. But there is a connection between them, which is why technicians train for both.

Condensation accumulated in your HVAC system needs an outlet. A pipe connected to your HVAC unit helps to drain that water outside your home. If it’s not functioning properly, the system becomes damaged and nonfunctional. 

Are There 24/7 Plumbers Near Me?

Emergency plumbing problems happen all too often. Don’t take any chances. Instead of searching “24/7 plumbers near me” during an emergency, put a reliable company on speed dial. 

Contact 24/7 Heating, AC & Plumbing for all of your plumbing needs. We’re always available and we always do the right thing.

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