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Why You Should Get an HVAC Inspection When Buying A Home

The housing market in Las Vegas has seen incredible activity through the past few years and the current market is expected to continue as we head into 2021. Homes are flying off the market almost as soon as they are listed on the MLS, and it’s been reported some buyers are making cash offers that sellers can’t refuse.

Buying homes during times like these is a challenge and there are many factors you need to consider and be aware of to protect yourself financially. If you’re buying a home in Las Vegas, it’s important to know what state of functionality and maintenance the mechanical systems of your potential home. You may consider forgoing an HVAC inspection to ensure a quick offer acceptance and sale, but that could mean a large financial downswing in your future if not careful. Here, we’ll go over why a separate HVAC inspection is important outside the normal home inspection process and give you some tips to ensure you have all the information you need to feel confident about your next purchase.

  1. Heating & Air Conditioning makes up the majority of your monthly utility bill.

Besides the fact that around half of your yearly energy bill goes toward heating and cooling your home, in the Summer it gets hot here in Las Vegas. Really hot. During the hottest parts of the year our AC units are on almost constantly. Therefore, you want to make sure the home’s air-conditioning systems are in good working order so not only is your home and family comfortable, but you are not paying skyrocketing utility bills or for emergency repair jobs  

A proper HVAC inspection will reveal any problems that affect the home’s energy efficiency or identify potential larger issues that could result in mechanical failure.

  • Heating and AC Units are Expensive Pieces of Equipment

Buying a home is one of the largest financial investments that most people make in their lives. Each home comes with expenses. Some recurring, some not, but overall, as a homeowner you need to plan and prepare for these expenses, so you are not left short.

Heating and air conditioning units are necessary appliances to make the home livable and comfortable for the family, but they are also can cost you thousands of dollars to repair and replace if you are not careful. When purchasing a new property, getting these crucial systems checked is a great way to ensure they are in good maintenance and that you won’t have any unexpected surprises down the road.

  • HVAC Inspections Save Money & Frustration

Taking a little time upfront can save you big headaches later on. A professional inspection can be done inside of a day and is easy to set up prior to the purchase of the home. It will tell you the condition of each of the systems in the home, identify and potential issues and let you know if any repairs are required. This information can be very helpful when negotiating with the seller before closing or at least give you a fuller picture of what is in store when you own the home.

As we said earlier there are a number of factors to consider when purchasing a home. As you can see a proper knowledge of the internal systems of the AC for the home is important. A good HVAC inspection should only cost you a couple hundred dollars depending on the size of the home and systems. If you want a more in-depth report that can increase cost. But, depending on the findings it could end up saving you thousands in the long run.

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